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Boilers are a great way to heat your home because of their small size, silent functioning, and their ease of installation. If you are thinking about-2 switching to boiler heat, make sure you avoid otherwise preventable boiler service in Chester, VA by having the right boiler installed. Here are some considerations to make when deciding on a boiler.

Position and Flue Type

With boilers specifically, much of the cost of your system relies on the position of the boiler. When choosing a boiler, you have the option of choosing either a wall hung or floor-standing model. There are two types of flues: open and room-sealed. The type of flue that you require when choosing a boiler service depends on where in the room you have the boiler located.


Boilers can be very small, but make sure to talk to a qualified boiler service in Chester, VA to make sure you get the right size. If you do not get a unit large enough for the number of bathrooms you have, or the amount of square footage you need to warm up, you run the risk of causing damage to your brand new unit.

Operating Cost

Boilers are generally inexpensive to operate. However, some are going to be more efficient or higher rated than others. When you are looking for a boiler, make sure that you are asking the contractor about-2 how much the boiler costs to operate and that you look for the stickers on the side of the unit that indicates how energy efficient the unit is.


Boilers are very safe as long as they are installed by a qualified and experienced professional. When you make the decision to move to a boiler for heating-2 your home, make sure that you are having a qualified boiler service perform the installation. In order for your boiler to continue to operate safely, you should be sure to ask the installers about-2 ongoing maintenance-2 that will help your boiler be a safe fit for your family.